As a Mobile Spray Tan Artist, you are putting yourself in a vulnerable situation at each and every appointment with a new client. While we always want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, it is imperative that you always remain vigilant when stepping foot into a strangers home!

First and foremost, your safety is number one priority. When traveling to the homes of strangers, get into the habit of setting precautions in place to ensure your safety. If you ever feel like something isn’t right, don’t be afraid to cancel the appointment. At the end of the day, $50 just isn’t worth compromising yourself.

Here are my recommended guidelines to follow when you receive an inquiry or booking for a mobile service.

Once You Receive The Address From The Client, Google It!

Check out the location and ask yourself if you feel safe traveling to it, where the closest parking to the entrance is, etc. If you feel okay about going, be sure to give a close friend or family member the address and let them know what time the appointment is and when you should be out by in case of an emergency. If you feel traveling to this location would not be safe, cancel the appointment. It is not worth the risk.

Look The Client Up On Social Media And Google!

Most times, we want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt… However, when it comes to a service as intimate as spray tanning and you being alone with a stranger in their space, you most definitely want to know who you are dealing with. Doing a quick google/social media search can tell you a lot about someone. If you come across any concerning information or would not feel safe being alone with this person, cancel the appointment.

Call The Client To Schedule/Confirm The Appointment! 

If you have not spoken on the phone with them prior and have odd inclinations about them, get them on the phone to “feel them out,” before you book them or confirm their already scheduled appointment. If your inclinations are validated by the phone call, cancel the appointment or do not book them and create an excuse.

Bring An “Assistant” With You!

If you decide to take a mobile appointment and for any reason feel uncomfortable about it, you can always bring an “assistant,” (A friend, family member, significant other, etc.) to the appointment with you for extra safety measures. Remember, there is power in numbers!

Meet Your Client First, Then Go Get Your Equipment!

This is always a tactic that you should do when meeting a mobile client for the first time. Greet them at their door, take a peek inside their space, and if you feel comfortable proceeding, go grab your equipment from your car and continue with the appointment. If you do not feel comfortable after meeting them, get in your car and leave. It would be a shame to have set-up all of your equipment inside a persons home, be in a situation of danger, and not be able to take your equipment away with you. Do not sacrifice your safety for money, it is not worth it!

Take A Self-Defense Course!

It’s never a bad idea to take a self-defense class for extra protection measures. It is also a good idea to carry a physical form of protection such as mace or hairspray.

Stay safe out there, Bronze Boss!

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