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Our comprehensive Sunless Certification will teach you the ins and outs of the spray tan industry with a strong focus on the art, science, and business of sunless artistry. Our teachings go beyond the basics to give you an expert edge amongst the rest. Ready to build a thriving, profitable, and rewarding business? Join our extensive trainee base and receive a brand-neutral education to become the ultimate Bronze Boss.

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in-person training

$796 $676.60

Four 2.5 Hour Zoom Modules With Educator
45 Days Of Ongoing Support
15% Off Starter Kits
15% Off Mentorship Sessions
Live Demonstrations (For TAOA + TCOC)
Four Students Maximum Per Module
Continuous Course Dates
Bronze Boss Product Samples
Unlimited Access To Online Resources
Certificate Of Completion

Two-Day Course (10 Hours Of Learning)
60 Days Of Ongoing Support
20% Off Starter Kits
20% Off Mentorship Sessions
Live Demonstration
Up To Three Practice Clients
Take-Home Workbook/Manual
Bronze Boss Product Samples
Unlimited Access To Online Resources
Certificate Of Completion

live zoom Group certification


$1,196 $956.80

in-person GROUP certification

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course curriculum

The Business Of Bronzing       

The Science Of Sunless            

The Artistry Of Application                  

The Craft Of Contouring                 

Take The Full Course                 $396                $356.40

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Prefer to learn from the comfort of your home? Get certified online. All self-paced. All on your own time. Complete in one week or one month - There's no rush.

Four Modules (100+ Slides Of Education Material)
30 Days Of Ongoing Support
10% Off Starter Kits (Full Course Only)
10% Off Mentorship Sessions (Full Course Only)
Fully Self-Paced
Unlimited Access To Online Resources
Digital Certificate Of Completion



$99                 Enroll Now

$99                 Enroll Now

$99                 Enroll Now

$99                 Enroll Now

Bronze Boss is the most knowledgeable in the industry! I had no idea where to even begin and I’m so thankful to have come across them. Worth every penny.  They provide SO many resources to set you up for success & even after the training they were there to guide me whenever I had a question. I couldn’t recommend Bronze Boss enough!

Brooke | Southern Glow

I can’t not express to you how important it is to get trained and certified! The Bronze Boss team are the best option for this! They are the elite, the best of the best, and will give you the tools to be successful. When I decided to start my business I knew that I would never spray anything on someone without being properly trained. I walked away with a huge amount of information. The best part? The continuing relationship after the training is beyond amazing. They really care that you’re successful. If you’re starting a business please invest in proper training. It’s an investment that will give you a huge return. Don’t be just another spray tan artist in your community, be the best one. Bronze Boss will give you that ability!

Nicki | Two Golden Girls

Love Bronze Boss! They are very knowledgeable trainers. I started spray tanning in 2017 & I knew I needed to level up in my next moves as a spray tan artist. I found them on Instagram & took their course. I received so much information. New techniques, new solution brands, new mindsets. Thank you Bronze Boss!

Brittney | Spray tan mama

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