Why You Need Insurance For Your Sunless Tanning Business

Simply answered… If something goes wrong, and you don’t have insurance, you would be responsible for all related costs. Now, if you do have insurance, you are essentially purchasing protection against any unexpected financial losses. Because, hello – Legal and medical bills are not cheap by any means! This is where Alternative Balance (AKA – My absolute TOP recommendation for insurance) comes in!

For me, insurance is a non-negotiable. If you don’t have insurance, you should not be seeing clients. From skin reactions to damaged premises, you need to ensure you are covered whatever the scenario might be. So, let’s chat a little bit more about unexpected events that can occur within your airbrush tanning business, because sometimes ish happens (and you need to cover your bronzed booty!)

Skin Reactions

 As an airbrush tanning artist, we work with a variety of different products that are being applied directly to our clients skin. From solutions, to prep sprays, and finishing powders – Clients can disclose their medical history and still have an unexpected allergic reaction to products, supplies, and even DHA itself. Having a waiver is unfortunately just not enough. Insurance will provide support if you are ever faced with a lawsuit.


Having a client faint in your spray tan tent is unfortunately not uncommon. Many artists have experienced a client fainting due to a variety of reasons such as being nervous, locked knees for an extended period of time, breath being held for too long, warm studio temperature, or maybe they hadn’t eaten anything beforehand and are feeling dizzy. The list goes on and on. Imagine if the client hits their head or something serious happens to them as a result of their fall… You should have insurance to cover any claims that arise!

Personal Privacy

Guess what – We work with semi-nude to fully nude individuals as part of our profession. If a client were to ever feel violated in any way, they could sue you for harassment, invasion of privacy, etc. One reason why I specifically recommend Alternative Balance is because of their Sexual Abuse Liability add-on option. While general liability coverages protect you from lawsuits and damages from the normal duties of your work, most insurance policies exclude any coverage arising from sexual accusation incidents. (You should know that this is the most common type of insurance claim. It’s really a small price to pay for peace of mind and additional protection!)

Damage To Premises

Uh, oh. Spill spray tan solution and the floor is damaged? A client tripped and busted a hole in the wall? The walls are coated and stained because of overspray? You may not think anything will happen to the space you are leasing, even if it’s for a short term, but it is a good idea to have insurance to cover any damages to the property you are renting for your business.

All reasons aside, you shouldn’t have to focus on worrying about minor or major issues that might occur during your daily appointments. Having insurance will allow you to run your business with ease!

Okay, so now we know we must have insurance! Did I mention coverage with Alternative Balance is less than $250 PER YEAR? I know – Too good to be true, right? To further sweeten the deal, they also offer four different membership levels depending on where you are in your professional pursuits and all include liability insurance, business tools, waiver templates, exclusive partner discounts, plus more!

One more thing… Do you offer Teeth Whitening or Esthetic services? Yep, Alternative Balance can cover those services, too! 😉

As always, do your research before selecting an insurance policy to make sure it fits all of your business’ needs! If you’re not covered… Get covered! Your business depends on it!

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  1. Danielle says:

    This is helpful! I’ve had such troubles finding a place that will insure my mobile spray tan biz. Thank you!

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