Attract and retain… It’s business 101, but is often overlooked by beauty business owners. Today on the Bronze Boss Blog, I want to share with you my secret to building a business with a loyal, trusting, and engaged audience… That secret is email marketing!

For starters, subscriber lists are incredibly important. Not only is it a way to nurture the community you’ve worked so hard to build, but it is proprietary. You cannot rely solely on your social media platforms to reach your customers, simply because you do not own them! Let’s say one day Facebook + Instagram dissolve, how exactly will you continue to reach your audience? So, if you’re not already utilizing this powerful tool, keep on reading as I share my top tips on how to maximize the effect of email marketing.

Step One: Build Your List

If you’ve already implemented an online booking system, you are already one step ahead of the game! If not, no worries! From here on out, be sure to collect the email address of every single client that books a service with you. (Just be sure you have their consent to add them to your email list!)

In addition, you can also give visitors to your website the opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter by offering an incentive, discount, or freebie to make the exchange more enticing!

My favorite email list builders? Mailchimp + Square Marketing.

Step Two: Nurture Your List

Sounds silly, but yes – You need to NURTURE your list. It is crucial to maintain a consistent email blast schedule and vary your content. For example, you can send out a quick weekly newsletter with a focused topic such as a spray tan tip, your studio playlist for the week, fun facts about your employees, etc. This is your opportunity to stay engaged with subscribers and keep your business top of mind on a weekly basis.

Rather send out monthly newsletters? No problem! Compile a blog post you’ve written, include your monthly specials, showcase a calendar highlighting important event dates, etc. The possibilities are endless!

(PS: Most email softwares allow you to automate – Take advantage of this! Create in advance, then set it and forget it!)

All in all, spark their interest with special offers while keeping them in the loop regarding any studio news. Remember – Don’t overload with sales or bombard their inbox too frequently!

Step Three: Entice Your List

With each and every email you send out, we want to get EYES on them, right? The first thing your subscribers will see is the subject line of your email and can seriously make or break if they will even open it or not! Make sure your subject line is compelling, by integrating the following into your emails:

  1. Keep it short and sweet. (Get to the point, girlfriend.)
  2. Use a familiar sender name. (AKA your business name!)
  3. Avoid the ‘no-reply’ sender name. (Allow your contacts to respond BACK to you!)
  4. Use personalization tokens. (Use their first name to make them feel VALUED.)
  5. Tell them what’s inside. (Got a discount? Tell them that the code is INSIDE!)
  6. Time it right. (The most optimal time, backed by many sources, is 10am.)
  7. Create a sense of urgency. (“Limit” your availability or product stock so that your subscribers take action, NOW.)
  8. Don’t use all caps. (No one likes to be yelled at, right? Not only is this tactic disruptive, but it look spammy.)
  9. Use engaging preview text. (This isn’t necessarily part of your subject line, but it does provide the recipient with a peek into your email!)
  10. Remain relevant. (A subject line should be a summary of your email. So, be sure to keep the subject line relevant to the content!)

One more thing… Do you check your inbox every day? Yeah? Chances are your clients do, too! That’s just one more reason why you should be using email marketing in your business!

Happy Emailing, Bronze Boss!

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