Let’s add to the spray tan gun collection, shall we? This was my first time working with a gravity feed applicator and I’ve got quite a bit to say about it! Keep reading for my 100% honest review! (PS: This blog post is no way sponsored by Fuji Spray.)


It’s true – You get what you pay for. The 4000 T-Pro Gravity Feed Applicator is equivalent to the cost of the 4200 T-Pro Bottom Feed Applicator coming in at $319.00. Something to note is that the 4000 T-Pro is only available on its own as an a la carte purchase and is not offered as an applicator option when purchasing a Fuji Spray SoloTan, StudioTan, or SalonTan turbine unit. You have the option to select the Tan7350 or 4200 T-Pro when purchasing your unit, which makes the 4000 T-Pro a great additional purchase to have as a back-up gun or to swap out with one of the standard bottom feed applicators to use with any Fuji turbine. You really can’t go wrong with any of these applicators and the pricing 100% justifies the quality.

Do we love the cost? FOR THE QUALITY, YES.


If you’ve strayed away from metal guns due to the weight, your wrist will be happy to hear that the 4000 T-Pro is 20% lighter than both the Tan7350 AND 4200 T-Pro! However, maneuvering this applicator will definitely take some getting used to being that solution is fed from above rather than below. It is hands-down the most lightweight metal gun I have ever worked with and see this being a great fit for artists who suffer from wrist injuries, arthritis, etc.,

Do we love the weight? FOR A METAL GUN, YES.

Noise Level

This gun is a non-bleeder style applicator. This means that airflow is not continuous when the turbine is on. It’s a bit of a two-step process, similar to working with the Iwata BCR Revolution Pen for contouring. Only until the trigger is slightly pulled back does the air flow, and slightly more pulled back enables solution flow. This is a major win for noise level. Whenever you are not actively spraying, just the sound of the turbine humming will be heard. Unlike the Tan7350 and 4200 T-Pro, both of these applicators are bleeder style guns and have air running continuously through them when the turbine is on resulting in constant noise from both the turbine and constant airflow.

Do we love the noise level? YOU KNOW IT!

Gravity Cup

The teflon coated gravity cup allows for a 3oz. fill. Compared to Fuji’s bottom feed applicators that can hold 8oz., the 4000 T-Pro can only complete one full-body spray tan total before needing a refill. While this isn’t great if you prefer to work with pre-filled cups of solution that can be easily switched out, this is great if you are an artist that fully customizes each and every clients color. Being that it is a gravity feed, you are able to fill the exact amount of solution needed for the client and use up every little droplet of it! Because there is no suction tube, there’s no need to pour more than you need. You will never have to worry about what to do with leftover solution!

One of the downsides to this cup is that it isn’t transparent. As you’re spraying, you won’t be able to see how much you have left without opening the cap and looking inside. In addition, this applicator lacks a pressure tube, but instead has a small pinhole pressure opening in the removable cap. For artists, like me, who do not always keep their gun in an upright position while spraying, angled movement can cause solution to spill out of the pressure opening.

Do we love the gravity cup? YES AND NO.

Spray Pattern

Like all metal Fuji Spray applicators, the 4000 T-Pro has a wide spray pattern. It also has a contour knob similar to the 4200 T-Pro located on the side of the gun. For me, I noticed a significantly less amount of overspray compared to the bottom-feed applicators. It’s possible this could be due to the non-bleeder style. Regardless, understanding how to properly find your settings is key in both minimizing the fans width that will ultimately result in less overspray.

Another component I want to mention that falls under spray pattern is the overall application. Compared to the 4200 T-Pro, being that they are within the same model family, I find the 4000 T-Pro to have a much smoother application regardless of my solutions viscosity. Not as smooth as the Tan7350, but definitely a much more seamless and even application than the 4200 T-Pro.

Do we love the spray pattern? WE DO!

Alright, Bronze Boss – You’ve heard what I have to say on the 4000 T-Pro and per my personal opinion, I feel that this machine is best for…

  • Advanced/Experienced Artists
  • Both In-Studio + Mobile Providers
  • Artists Who Offer Fully Customized Colors
  • Having As Back-Up If Necessary

Going to pull the trigger on this applicator? 😉 I’m excited for you to give a spray! A few last tips I want to share with you…

  1. Give yourself ample time to learn how the trigger works.
  2. Schedule several practice clients to trial it on.
  3. Know it will be very different than working with a bottom feed applicator – Have patience! 🙂

Happy Spraying, Bronze Boss!

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