Contrary to popular belief, spray tanning over a sunburn will NOT camouflage skin redness or even-out skin that is still in the process of peeling.

If your client has experienced a sunburn in the past 4 weeks, it is best to reschedule their appointment! Let’s take a closer look as to why!

  1. The damaged skin will begin to peel, which can take weeks after the initial exposure, even if they are not one to typically peel.
  2. Once the peeling begins, their natural skin tone will become exposed, while the surrounding skin will still maintain its color from the UV rays + spray tan.
  3. This will result in the appearance of splotchy patches of skin until all the damaged areas have peeled away.

If your client insists on being sprayed despite the circumstances, you should explain to them the repercussions and that there is nothing you as the artist can do to fix the splotchy patches of skin as show here. The skin damage must run its course and be fully healed in order to achieve an even spray tan.

In the meantime, share with your client that they should be lathering up on Aloe Vera Gel to keep their skin hydrated and away from the sun!

Remember, spray tans do not contain SPF. Be sure to recommend your client wear a daily sunscreen to protect from sun exposure… Coola, Alba Botanica, and Sunbum are a few personal favorites!

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