How I Gained 500 Instagram Followers In 15 Days

Looking to grow your Instagram account? Keep reading – I’m about to share with you five of my top tips for organic growth and how to attract followers that actually CARE about your content!

1. Provide Value

Think about it… What makes YOU follow some of your favorite accounts? Maybe it’s because they have an awesome hair tutorial that you want to try out this weekend? Or maybe they are sharing some of their favorite recipes that you’ve been wanting to learn how to make? Regardless, you are following certain accounts because they are providing you with VALUE.

The same concept goes for your own account – If you’re not providing value to your target audience, you’re not giving them a good enough reason to follow you. Instead of posting stock images with captions reading “Book with me, today!” take the extra time to utilize this FREE platform and provide your followers with spray tan tips, self-tanning tutorials, educational graphics, etc.

2. Show Your Face

Girl, get out of your comfort zone! Let me tell you something… Spray tanning is a very intimate service. You’re expecting strangers to get in the nude in front of you without even knowing you beforehand. Give your potential clients the confidence they need in order to say, “I’ve been following this artist on Instagram for a while now, she has a great personality, I love the content she posts, and I feel comfortable booking an appointment with her!”

If you’re not showing your face, as in actually posting images of yourself or chatting on your Instagram stories, you are only holding yourself back. Create a digital connection with your followers to give them a sense of already “knowing” you. I promise you, showing your face will yield such rewarding benefits. Don’t be scared, just go for it!

3. Interact + Engage

Don’t be the person that “posts and ghosts.” Once you click that post button, stick around! Plan to hang out on Instagram for at least 30-minutes as you comment and like on other posts, respond to comments that come in on your own post, and respond to direct messages. (PS: Always comment with more than four words on other posts! Saying, “Great Post” or “Love This!” doesn’t come across as genuine and honestly appears “spammy.”

Think about it… Social media is meant to be SOCIAL. Connecting with your audience is the best way to not only build a following, but to retain loyal followers who will always be on the lookout for new content from you.

4. Post Consistently

This should go without saying, but the only way for people to become familiar with who you are and what you do is if you are consistently showing up on their feeds! Get into the habit of posting a few times a week and showing up on your stories daily!

If the thought of having to generate content each day is overwhelming to you, do the work in advance! Create a schedule, write out your captions/hashtags in advance, and set them up in an app, like Plann, to notify you when it’s time to post!

5. Include CTA’s

If your follower’s continue to scroll after reading one of your posts, we’ve got to change that! You should be including a “Call To Action” in your Instagram posts, which basically tells the reader to do something! This could be that you want them to go watch your story, comment on your post, direct message you, go visit your website, etc.!

Integrating a Call To Action in your posts is a way to boost your account’s engagement rate, make a sale, book appointments, and of course to further connect with your audience!

I hope you found these tips to be helpful and that you implement them to grow a caring audience! Remember… It’s not about the number of followers you have, but that you are providing quality, relevant, and consistent content that will create the community you are seeking!

Happy Instagramming, BB’s!

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