It’s all in the details. Something as simple as a hair cap can separate a natural-looking spray tan from a noticeable one. Keep reading for a few of my top tips for best hair capping practices!

Hair Protection

In order to fully protect your clients hair (especially blondes), I recommended using plastic hair caps instead of caps made of mesh fabric to avoid spray tan solution from penetrating through and discoloring the hair.

Understand that hair is made up of keratin proteins and will interact with Dihydroxyacetone to produce a darkening effect if not protected.

Cap Placement

If the client opts for their face to receive a tan, ensure the most natural-looking results by making sure that their hair cap is placed behind the ears and a smidge behind the hairline.

Understand that if the hair cap is placed in front of the ears or on the forehead, the client may have a “ring” of their natural skin color around their face.

Always double check that the cap is in proper placement before spraying!

Cap Concierge

Always take the hair cap off for the client, especially if it is a plastic cap. Overspray will inevitably fall onto it and if the client takes it off themselves, solution can transfer to their palm.

Majority of the time, clients forget to take their hair cap off anyways! Save them an extra step and unwanted “tan hands.”

Happy Hair Capping! 

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