5 Things In My Spray Tan Studio That Just Make Sense

Feel like you’re missing something in your studio space? Amongst the many items that make my spray tan studios run smoothly, here are five things that I couldn’t picture my business going without!

1. Towel Bar

Nope, not for towels… For Kraft Paper! If you aren’t up to speed on my absolute love for using Kraft Paper instead of Sticky Feet, read this post! I use the towel bar to hang my Kraft Paper over so it is up and out of the way and easy to pull a new piece down when it comes time to replace.

2. Client Care Cards

Each and every new client should leave your space fully educated on how to care for their tan for the next ensuing days. I provide my clients with a very thorough care card (double-sided with preparation and maintenance guidelines) and even write in their rinse time so they won’t forget!

3. Micellar Wipes

When clients come in after their work day, most times they arrive wearing makeup! It’s a good idea to provide them with a removal option that will not negatively affect their soon-to-be-applied spray tan that doesn’t include washing with soap/water or oil-based wipes.

4. Blending Brush

My holy grail – I couldn’t live without this brush and have quite an arsenal of them! I use this brush to blend out my clients wrists, fingers, heels, and toes to perfection. Want to see my step-by-step process on how to achieve flawless hands and feet? I created an entire Mini-Guide for you, HERE!

5. Air Purifier

In addition to having adequate ventilation, extraction units/box fans are not meant to be left on long-term. I keep an air purifier running constantly from the moment I enter my studio to the second I leave to ensure the air remains free of roaming airborne particles for extra clean air in the studio.

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