On the hunt for a spray tan extraction fan that’s budget-friendly? Here’s a simple way you can put one together in less than five minutes, using just three supplies, that will cost you less than $40… Let’s go!

Supplies You’ll Need

  1. Box Fan | Any standard 20-inch box fan will do.
  2. Air Filter | There are a few different ways to go about the air filter…
    • You might decide to purchase disposable filters that can be used effectively for about five tans total before it will need to be flipped to the opposite side or fully replaced.
    • A more cost-effective option would be to purchase washable filters that can be rinsed daily and continuously reapplied to the box fan.
    • Whichever air filter you decide to purchase, it should have dimensions of 20x20x1 to fit adequately onto your box fan. (You will most likely have to cut-to-size any washable filters.)
  3. Fasteners | To apply the filter of your choice to the box fan, you can either…

How To Assemble

Step One: In order for the fan to properly extract, turn your box fan backwards. When you turn the fan on, the air should flow away from your tent rather than in to your tent.

Step Two: Apply your air filter of choice to the backside of the box fan that is now facing you. If using strips or velcro, simply apply four double-sided strips to the fans four corners first and then press the filter firmly to the strips. If using zip ties, insert the zip ties into the grid of the box fan, pull the zip tie through the filter, and pull taunt to fasten on all four corners.

Step Three: Place your newly assembled box fan behind your spray tan tent (not inside of it) with the filter facing the inside of your tent and the airflow directed away from your tent. Be sure to open the zipper or roll-up opening of your spray tan tent to expose the extraction fan. You might notice the left and right sides next to the extraction fan will still have an opening that solution can still sneak through…

  • If in a studio setting, you can line the walls + floor behind your tent with drapes that can be washed regularly for any overspray that lands behind the tent.
  • If mobile, you can attach kraft paper to the openings, which will absorb any solution that hits it and can be tossed after each appointment.
  • To eliminate any additional supplies, instead of purchasing a 20x20x1 filter size, purchase a 20x25x1 air filter with the longer sides extending past the sides of the box fan to cover the openings.

PRO TIP: To turn your new extraction fan on and off with ease, invest in a remote control outlet to turn your fan on with the single press of a button!

Happy DIY-ing, Bronze Boss!

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