Guess what… Spray tanning men is not much different than spray tanning women! From the posing, solution, and spray pattern – There is no need to change your technique just because you have a male client in your tent rather than a female. However, there are five things you should be aware of when it comes to #ManTans to ensure flawless results!

Body Hair

If your male client does not generally shave their body hair, they do not need to shave prior to their appointment. Understand that sometimes the solution can “cling” to the body hair and appear beaded/wet/stuck to the skin. Be sure to take the extra time to dry your client very well to the point that you can visually see the hair lifting off of the skin, and of course… POWDER!

Facial Hair

No matter the person, everyone must shave any unwanted body hair prior to their appointment. For most men, they’ll want to shave their facial hair before an important event or vacation. If they do not shave beforehand, they risk premature exfoliation to the face and neck region. The result? A reverse five-o’clock shadow. It is important to stress the importance of getting a face shave the day before spray tan application.

Facial Tan

Unlike women, the majority of men most likely will not opt to wear makeup to blend their face and neck to their body once it inevitably fades. You can always recommend for them to wear a tinted moisturizer or up-sell them one of your business branded Tanning Water’s or Tan Extending Lotion’s to keep their face color aligned with the tone of their body.


I’ll let you in on a little Pro Tip, here… The same spraying technique you use to tan the hands and feet is the same technique you’ll want to use for a bald head to provide natural-looking color. Have them tilt their head down towards you and use that BB technique! Want in on my hand and feet technique? Click HERE to check out the full mini-guide!


Ah, the number one question I receive… Do you let men tan fully nude? Per the FDA, DHA is to only be applied externally and is to avoid any body surface covered by mucous membrane. The glans of males member is considered a mucous membrane and should not be directly sprayed with spray tan solution. Encourage your males clients to wear a sock, C-String, or good ole tighty-whities/boxers to avoid any solution contact.

The more you know! Have another tip you can add to this list? Leave yours in the comments below!

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  1. Johnny says:

    I am a man and I have tanned dozens of times. When I hear and read women using the membrane excuse to not allow a man to tan nude, it truly irks me. First of all, that is flat out an excuse. The opening ti the urethra is not open! Using the membrane reasoning would also eliminate women from tanning nude, as a woman’s opening is much larger than a man. Do you require females to stuff something inside their vagina to protect the membrane? Of course not. Could you even imagine a male spraying a female and requiring her, but not males, to stick something inside herself in the name of membrane safety. It’s ridiculous. Women always fight for equality yet many pick and choose when to be equal. There is absolutely zero reason to not tan a man in the nude unless you feel uncomfortable doing it. Please stop the excuses.

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