When I opened my newest spray tan studio in Austin, TX I wanted to find ways that I could elevate my clients experience – Installing a full-body dryer was one of them.

Don’t get me wrong – Detaching the applicator gun from the airflow and using the hose to dry clients is very much an effective drying method, but after I came across Valiryo’s full-body dryer… It is something I will be keeping in my current location and will be making a non-negotiable for any other locations I open in the future. Here’s why!

1. It Adds An Element Of Luxury To The Overall Client Experience

Having done market research in my area, there are zero airbrush studios that offer a full-body drying method for clients. Establishments offer either a hose dry, single fan dry, or no means of drying at all. By offering this addition to my services, I am able to charge a higher rate than my competitors since my value proposition for clients is unlike any of the others. In addition, clients love this added luxurious touch to further enhance their visit!

2. It Dries The Body Quickly In Less Than One Minute

Clients absolutely love the quick-drying time! The body dryer has TWENTY-SEVEN air diffuser openings amongst its length span of seven feet that hit the entire body all at once and ensures an efficient drying from head to toe. All clients have to do is slowly spin in a circle, about 30 seconds each direction to achieve feeling dry. After drying, I have them step back over to the tanning area and apply a full-body powder dusting with our signature Bronze Boss Finishing Powder to eliminate any stickiness.

3. It Streamlines Appointment Times

While the client is drying, we will step out of the room to allow a bit of privacy, rinse our Fuji Spray 7350 Applicator Gun, and respond to any inquiry messages that came through while we were in the tanning room. These few minutes have truly helped streamline our appointments rather than waiting until after the conclusion of the appointment to tend to these tasks. In addition, it gives our artists a small water break in-between their busy shifts!

4. It Requires Zero Touch Contact

The body dryer has two settings in terms of on/off – Manual and automatic. By setting the dryer in automatic mode it will turn on within a few seconds of the client standing in front of it and will turn off after they step away via motion sensor. The only item that clients will inevitably be touching during their full-body drying experience is the floor mat. You might choose to offer disposable slippers for them to get from point A to point B, switch out the mat after each use, and/or place a piece of Kraft Paper on top of the mat to keep the space sanitary.

5. It Offers Various Heat + Air Intensity Settings

The Valiryo body dryer has SIXTEEN different combinations of air temperature and intensity to fit the comfort of your client. Keep in mind, while the dryer does offer heat it must be set at the lowest airflow intensity setting in order to reach the maximum temperature. Generally, we keep our settings at the highest airflow intensity and temperature intensity to dry our clients as quick as possible. As far as noise level goes, it really is not any louder than your standard spray tan machines turbine.

While the body dryer has greatly benefitted our business, it may not be an ideal unit for those who operate in a salon rental room, salon suite, shared unit space, etc., due to installation procedures. The unit is european-made and requires installing a circuit breaker to the building and hardwiring into a wall. Click here to download installation instructions. Prior to purchasing, it’s a good idea to run these instructions by your landlord and electrician to see if installation can be achieved in your space!

Thinking about pulling the trigger and getting this unit for your studio space? Use code BRONZEBOSS for 10% off your purchase!

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