Books not full? Feel like you’re doing everything to get bookings, but no bites? We’ve compiled a detailed list of five proven marketing strategies you can implement in your sunless business to acquire new clients!

1. Create Review Platform Listings

If your business is not currently listed on Yelp, Google, or Facebook – That is your number one to-do, today! These platforms give you FREE exposure! As you gain real client reviews and photos on these profiles, your listing will rank higher and higher when potential clients head to these sites and search key phrases like “Spray Tan Near Me,” or “Airbrush Tan in (Zip Code).

Pro Tip: Every single review you receive (whether positive or negative), leave a genuine response!

2. Utilize Text + Email Marketing

Every single client that schedules… You should be acquiring their contact information! Not only is this a good practice to implement if you need to contact the client regarding their appointment, but crucial to have so you can re-target them beyond their appointment date!

For example, if they haven’t made an appointment in the last three months, sending an email to their inbox or text to their phone will remind them of your business! Don’t over-utilize this marketing tool… Too many notifications and they may unsubscribe. Be tactful in the content you are sending out – This could vary from exclusive discount offerings, value information (such as your latest blog post), or to maybe promote an upcoming pop-up event.

My favorite softwares? Most booking softwares, such as Square, include both features!

3. Offer Value

The number one way you can build trust with potential customers is by providing them with FREE value. For example, instead of only creating posts that promote your services on social media, create posts that can double as blog content that educate your audience with your expert tips + tricks! 9 times out of 10, the business that will get booked is the one that consistently gives their audience valuable content rather than the business that consistently posts “Tans are $10 off. Book now!”

Pro Tip: Offer a valuable “Freebie,” on our website to gain readers contact information that can be used for email marketing purposes! 😉

4. Get Consistent On Social Media

Of course, social media is a given marketing tactic! It’s another form of FREE exposure your business can take advantage of to reach new audiences! Similar to what is stated above, social media should really be used to do one of the following:

  • Educate Your Audience
  • Entertain Your Audience
  • Promote Services/Products To Your Audience
  • Humanize Your Brand By Showing Yourself To Your Audience (Hint, Hint: This one is a MAJOR trust-builder!)
  • Cultivate A Loyal Community With Your Audience

By generating consistent content, using localized hashtags, geotagging with strategy, and engaging on the regular – You, too, can be a social media superstar on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest to garner more bookings for your business!

PS: We have created TONS of resources specific for sunless artists to assist with their social media efforts. We’re all about making running a business easier for YOU!

  • The Sunless Social Club | 15 Editable Social Media Graphic Templates + 4 TikTok/Reels Examples delivered straight to your inbox on the 1st of every month!
  • Grow Your Biz With Instagram | A Mini-Guide devoted to showing you how you can organically cultivate an audience, build brand awareness, and convert followers to actual paying clients!
  • Customizable Etsy Templates | From Instagram Posts to digital prints, and more! Our leading Etsy Shop has your social marketing needs, covered!

5. Outsource + Incentivize

Get people talking by rolling out a referral program, affiliate program, and/or bringing on Brand Ambassadors for your business!

By encouraging current clients to participate in some type of structured referral program, they will be more inclined to refer others if receiving a “kick back.” As an example, for every client referred they will receive $5 towards their next spray tan. Essentially they can tan for FREE if they bring you enough clients to reach the service dollar amount.

In addition, working with local influencers that can serve as Brand Ambassadors for your business is another way to get more eyes on YOU! As mentioned, make sure they are LOCAL.

  • Gaining a Brand Ambassador who travels constantly as a model with 100k followers and social media insights that show a high percentage of male viewers is NOT who you want to bring on board.
  • Instead, a better candidate might be a lifestyle blogger in your city with 5k followers that has built strong relationships in the community and has genuine engagement on their content from followers looking for the best recommendations on local restaurants, beauty providers, events, etc.

Whoever you choose to work with, it’s a good idea to lay out a clear agreement on expectations and rewards!

I hope this post was helpful for you, Bronze Boss! Maintain consistency in your marketing efforts and you’ll be sure to see results!

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