Proper maintenance is crucial to ensuring your applicators remain in good working condition and don’t become clogged from built up solution. Believe me – I’ve been there! There’s nothing more embarrassing when you begin to tan your client and your gun doesn’t spray as usual… Save the embarrassment and avoid malfunctions by getting on a daily, weekly, and monthly gun cleaning schedule! I know it sounds intensive, but these are all very quick and easy cleaning procedures that you can complete in five minutes or less.

Quick Clean

This is something that I will do in-between each client. Specifically if I am switching solutions to a different bronzer base and DHA percentage in order to avoid compromising the solution. You will need a sink in order to do this.

(PS: If you are a mobile artist, I suggest bring bottles of water with you in the car – Maintain professionalism by not using your clients sinks to clean out your guns.)

  • Remove your gun from the solution cup.
  • Pull back the trigger to release any solution in the suction tube.
  • Turn your gun upside down and bring to a running water source.
  • Hold the guns suction tube directly underneath the water source and pull back on the trigger until the water runs clear. You will see solution flowing through the front nozzle. PS: You may need to open your fluid control knob to allow more water flow through the nozzle.
  • You may also run water over the duck bill to rinse out the pressure tube.
  • After all water runs clear, turn the gun upright and pull the trigger back again to release any water being held in the suction tube.
  • Pro Tip: After quick cleaning, connect your gun to your hose and turn it on to blow out any water that is still being held in the body of the gun.

Daily Clean

This is to be completed at the conclusion of each day. It’s as simple as filling a solution cup with water and/or gun cleaning solution and spraying the entire contents at the filters of your extraction unit or into the sink to clear out any sitting solution in the body of the gun.

Deep Clean

Depending on the volume of clients you have per week will determine how often you should give your gun a deep cleaning.

  • If you are seeing about 10 clients per week, one deep cleaning per month is ideal.
  • If you are seeing 10-20 clients per week, two deep cleanings per month (every other week) is ideal.
  • If you are seeing 20+ clients per week, one deep cleaning per week is ideal.

A deep cleaning involves removing all parts of your applicator gun that can detach, placing those parts in a bowl of warm water and dish soap, and allowing those pieces to soak for 10-20 minutes before scrubbing them down and re-attaching them to the body of the gun. Do NOT immerse your entire gun in water.

To deep clean your gun, you’ll need the following supplies:

  • Cleaning Solution / Dish Soap (Dawn works great!)
  • Bowl Of Warm Water
  • Brush Pipe-Cleaner
  • Fiber-Free Towel
  • Wrench (Fuji Spray includes this with each turbine purchase!)
  • Toothpick

Watch our deep cleaning video in action, HERE! Fuji Spray also has a very informative step-by-step video, HERE!

Happy Gun Cleaning!

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  1. Marie says:

    I’ve been looking for a post just like this one! Thank you so much!

  2. Nicole says:

    Hi! I just had a bad experience doing a tan and it was coming out in splatters! I feel so anxious! Lol

    Would you run dawn soap and water through the gun to clean it?

    How long to guns usually last?

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